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    I haven’t done any proper problem solving yet or decided if I’m going to hand over to a garage yet – I just bought a Shogun Sport, left seller’s house fine and drove fine.5 miles down the road I put £20 diesel in as it was nearly empty, I get back in and start up, engine management light comes on and it’s down on power. Turn it off and turn it back on, feels better but a bit juddery on occasion. Does same thing again about 7 miles later. While playing around I undid the battery and it cleared the code and light. I haven’t got a code reader to hand unfortunately.Drove it yesterday, started fine, idled fine drove it down the road and it’s doing lots of little bunny hops, but as it warmed up it got less gripey. Got to a dual carriageway, got to 70 and then the light came on and it started powering down until it got to 60 then kicked in. Turned around about a mile later and it did the low power Thing, turn off and on again it seems ok ish, as I came back into 30mph of my village on light throttle it still seemed a bit gripey.As I came home and turned engine off I realised I’d unplugged EGR valve control cable after the first journey, plugged it back in and it started ok and the management light went out…now I’ve taken the EGR valve off and it was well sooty so blanking panel ordered, but any other thought if that doesn’t fix it?

    Please help.

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